TECHNICAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT is investing hundreds of million dollars in the Real Estate and properties development in Egypt, THE FLOATING CITY is one of TECHNICAL REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT’s projects, represents a renowned bastion of culture and progress leisure and convenience while aiming to be the epitome of life at its finest.
• TOTAL AREA: 125,4744 m2.
• 219,303 m2 to be allotted for cluster plots (not including water features and roads)
• 50% of the plot area with water.

• 320,000 m2 to be used for hotels with attached Grand royal suite 25% of the plot are.
• 20,428 m2 to be allotted for Entertainment Facilities 25% of the plot area including parking.
• Manmade creek is to be built to serve as the primal focal point of the project, around which would sit boardwalks, villas, shops, and other amenities and would provide a new refreshing and view.
• All areas mentioned include: Roads, Services, Landscaping
• The property is to comprise three B+G+6 storey office building.
• The complex offer 30,316 sq. ft of showroom retail space and 215,260 sq. Ft of office space.
• Each building contains Gents and Ladies Gymnasiums with proper areas.
• Providing 579 nos. parking bays. Security and maintenance services.
• Remarkable landscape and green areas.