Real estate and agricultural investment has converged with the vision and mission in order to provide a competitive work environment. This environment enables our employees to grow and develop to achieve the desired objectives of the promising projects in the Republic of Armenia, which is characterized by geographical location. Our company has extensive experience in the field of reclamation of agricultural land represented in the division, processing, and agriculture with the latest means and at high-quality levels.


Managing agricultural land for our customers


Land registration in the land register in the company of our customers

Establishing agricultural investment projects for our customers

Sale of agricultural land in different areas

Equipping and cultivating the land according to the owner’s wishes

Modern automatic irrigation systems

Plugging, settling and cleaning agricultural land

Fencing of agricultural land

The project is located in the Noor Gerry area and is located in the capital city, Yerevan about 23 km, and from the airport, 34 km. This area is famous for its quality and cultivation of apples and its astonishing beauty overlooking several famous mountains, including the famous Mount Ararat.

The project is a land of 250 thousand square meters divided into 30 pieces of the independent area ranging from 5000 to 10,000 square meters. The company will manage, process and grow the project with the finest types of intensive apples and a Dutch developer, and the feature is that it is produced for the third year and required internationally.

Each piece of land will be cultivated from 1600 to 3,500 apple trees according to the area of ​​land it owns.

Selling price per meter planted

* 9.5$ per square meter including all fees with the administration for one year.

The sale price per meter for the empty field:

*3.5 USD, This price includes registration fees only.